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    Hillsboro hits the big screen →

    If you’ve noticed scruffy vagrants armed with rifles walking the streets of Hillsboro in the past week, chances are you were seeing the filming of the new movie, “Child of God”. Production began last week at the Pretty Penny Cafe and My Daughter’s Attic.

    "Child of God," based on the book with the same name by Cormac McCarthy, is about a young man, ostracized from society, who slips into a life of crime and sexual depravity while living in a cave in Tennessee.

    The movie is being produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions. Producer Vince Jolivette and actor/director James Franco, of the Spiderman series and Pineapple Express, took time from their busy shooting schedule Monday to chat.

    Jolivette said the tax credits are what brought the crew to West Virginia, but it’s the old-time feel of Hillsboro that cinched it. The production crew had a scout in the area for two months prior to filming to find possible locations near Lewisburg.

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