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    These Roots

    I have been transcribing alot of footage today and am currently working on Marsha Timpson’s amazing interview. I figured this quote about “pride in West Virginia” would resonate with many…it did me.

    "I don’t think it (pride) is lost. I think it ricochets. I wasn’t proud, I wanted out of here. I couldn’t wait to get out of here. I hated this place. I got married when I was 17 and hit the road. And I was gone a lot of years. When I came back, I fell in love with my place then. They’re kind of confined here and they always dream of greener pastures. But then you go and live in other places and when you come back you see all those things you took for granted.

    These roots hold these trees in these mountains. Somehow those roots get embedded in our souls and we’re very connected, very connected to these mountains. And it doesn’t matter if they never come back…this will always be home and they will always have those roots in them.”

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