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    I am so impressed with recent footage shot by community members, Jan and Simon. The Berwind residents captured the natural beauty of their surroundings and talked about their ideas for change and improvement. 

    Jan returned to her homeland of Berwind 6 years ago with Simon. Simon, who is originally from Sheffield, believes that the energy for our future runs through the streams of McDowell. 

    There’s more to life than coal. I come from a city that was built on coal and steel. We’ve moved on, it’s 2012. This is one of the most beautiful places in America that I’ve ever visited and it’s worth a damn sight more than what it’s getting now. The beautiful irony would be, that the place that provided the coal would be the place that provided the alternative to coal when the coal dries up. That we will be ahead of the game and again McDowell would be providing the power for America by the innovations that are done here in these creeks. So if you’re a micro-hydro company and you are looking for somewhere to invest, come to McDowell County.



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