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    McDowell County: "The Friendliest County in West Virginia." →

    McDowell County: “The Friendliest County in West Virginia.” Take time to read and share this awesome blog post. The writer says they traveled to the other 54 counties before heading to McDowell. They were told there was nothing in McDowell but what he found shattered all perceptions he had. 

    "I found the county with the friendliest people in the state. I found a proud people who are misunderstood and often overlooked and left to fend for themselves by the rest of the state for the bogus reason that they’re just too poor and ignorant to be helped. I found that small town America where neighbors help neighbors and where strangers are treated with a kindness you simply don’t find anywhere else. I found a county that isn’t asking for a hand-out, but just a fair shake."

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