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Take a scroll through small-town America:

    Eric Lovell, our digital cartographer, has been testing the balloon mapping device in Tyler County before heading to McDowell this summer. There is a small camera attached to the balloon that is set on continuous shutter. All of the photos taken will be stitched together to create an aerial-view map. 

    We will be mapping the downtown areas of several towns throughout McDowell, including Welch. These maps will be used to lead community discussions around what was there in the past, what is there now and what they want to be there in the near future.

    They will be incorporated on the interactive website with user-generated media (archival and contemporary footage) embedded in them.

    Balloon mapping was created by Grassroots Mapping and Public Laboratory and became popularized when used during the BP Oil Spill.

    — 1 year ago
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    Balloon Mapping Kit Has Arrived!

    Our cartographer on the project is developing ways we can use balloon mapping as part of the Hollow interactive experience.

    — 2 years ago
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