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Ask me anything   Blog for Hollow, an interactive doc that examines the future small town America through the voices of Appalachians.
Take a scroll through small-town America:

    Knight Foundation merging media, minds, and money →

    $18.4m in grants are fostering a ‘critical mass’ of Boston-area tech outreach projects

    Thanks to its concentration of high-tech activity and educational institutions, the Boston area has reaped a considerable amount of that funding - $18.4 million in grants to 19 projects.

    “Because of Knight, we now have a critical mass of community, technology, and media projects,’’ said Eric Gordon, the creator of the Boston public school-based project Community PlanIt and an associate professor of visual media arts at Emerson College.

    “It’s an exciting time to be here,’’ he said. “What’s coming out of Boston is going to change what’s happening around the country.’’

    NOTE: Eric Gordon, quoted above, is an advisor on Hollow and will help develop how to approach getting the community involved in a meaningful way.

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    Just received some great research materials in the mail today from Jean Battlo from the McArts Foundation. Looks like I have alot of reading to do!

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