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    Senator Rockefeller Encourages West Virginians to Participate in Drug Take Back Day Saturday April 28

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    McDowell County Senator Fanning Will Not Seek Reelection

    January 27, 2012

    CHARLESTON (January 27, 2012) — Senator John Pat Fanning (D-McDowell) announced today that he will not seek reelection to the West Virginia State Senate. 

    Senator Fanning said.: “I have served the residents of my district and the state to the best of my ability for 32 years.  I now want to spend more time with my family and take care of some on-going health issues. ” 

    During his time in the West Virginia State Senate, Senator Fanning has held many high profile positions including chairmanships of the Finance, Transportation, Labor and Natural Resources Committees and as Vice Chair of several others. 

    “I want to thank the people of the 6th Senatorial District for electing me and giving me the honor and privilege of serving them for more than three decades,” he concluded. 
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