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Ask me anything   Blog for Hollow, an interactive doc that examines the future small town America through the voices of Appalachians.
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    18 DAYS IN EGYPT: A Collaborative Documentary Project About the Revolution. Learn more about the project here

    — 2 years ago
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    The Waiting Room: A Film and Social Media Project about Health Care →

    Taking advantage of the fact that hundreds of people sit and wait for hours each day in Highland Hospital alone, we will transform the waiting room into a storytelling space and provide the human and technological resources for patients to tell and listen to stories on-site. At the heart of this effort is an interactive story booth to be built – in partnership with the Alameda County Medical Center – as a permanent feature into Highland Hospital’s waiting room. The booth will allow patients and staff the opportunity both to record their own story as well as view other stories from the community. The booth will ask the user to either respond to either a theme or issue-based question. Booth users – depending on the level of privacy they desire – will have four ways to communicate: video, audio, text and physical journal.

    — 2 years ago
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