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I edited this short piece last night. Josh Clevenger, 16, is the mascot at Riverview High School. The Iaeger resident believes that the young people in McDowell County will be a part of improving the area for the future. Hollow is comprised of 50 documentary shorts that share the viewpoints of a community fighting for their “home” while adapting to population loss and stereotyping. The portraits will live on an interactive website that will be launched in April 2013.

Temporary Website Launched for Hollow

While the interactive designer/programmer creates wireframes for the HTML-5 website that will be launched in Spring 2013, I decided to put this website together as a landing page for information about the project. Check out the site here!

Christmas with my family is always a good time. Paw Paw whipped out the fiddle after the kids ripped open their presents and the dancing ensued. Shot in a 7D with Zeiss 35mm.