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Ask me anything   Blog for Hollow, an interactive doc that examines the future small town America through the voices of Appalachians.
Take a scroll through small-town America:

    Images by Ron Serino, a community videographer for @hollowthefilm. Ron is a volunteer fire fighter for the Northfork Fire Department and has been shooting for HOLLOW for a couple weeks. He has shot images at his church, a bonfire and his environment in Keystone, Northfork and Elkhorn. We are super excited that Ron has taken an interest in being one of the community filmmakers and we’re even more excited to help him continue to develop the stories he wants to tell about “home.” If you would like to shoot for the documentary email to sign up for a camera and training session.

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    Hollow Mentioned in Coal Tattoo's Friday Roundup →

    See full roundup on Ken Ward’s Coal Tattoo 

    From the media world, folks who are active on Twitter or Facebook may have seen mentions around this week about a project called “Hollow: An Interactive Documentary,” which its developers describe as:

    … A hybrid community participatory project and interactive documentary where content is created “for the community, by the community.” The project combines personal documentary video portraits, user-generated content, photography, soundscapes, interactive data and grassroots mapping on an HTML5 website designed to discuss the many stereotypes associated with the area, population loss and potential for the future. Members of the community will take part in the filmmaking process by creating 20 of the 50 short documentaries in efforts to build engagement and social trust and empower the community to work together for a better future.

    They also say:

    The project leaders of Hollow believe that the voices of West Virginia have not been heard. Over the years, media has portrayed the people of Appalachia as one-dimensional characters in issue-driven films about coal mining and drug abuse. Films about our homestate have not given residents a chance to speak but have instead used them to fit their categories of “hillbilly,” “poor Appalachian,” “ignorant coal miners,” or “environmentalist.” This community participatory project has great potential to become a place where the community can have a voice and share ideas for the future. We hope that this interactive model can encourage trust among the community and empower them to work together for change. Hollow’s documentary portraits and user-generated content will provide a multidimensional viewpoint, highlighting the ingenuity and spirit that keeps the community fighting.

    The project team is currently trying to raise funding through Kickstarter.  I’m curious what role coal’s past, present and future is going to play in this particular project, and I may write some more about it after I get to talk more with project leader Elaine McMillion.

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    Our fundraising campaign has launched! We need to raise enough money for production (May-late August), community workshop fees and to buy 5 cameras to give to McDowell County residents to tell their own stories. We will be donating the cameras into the community after production wraps so that storytelling can continue! If you want to see a project come to life that actually gives the community a voice and doesn’t tell them what to think/say about their home, support this project on Kickstarter today!

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    Song by McDowell County natives, Stacy Grubb and Alan Johnston. Alan is on the community advisory board for Hollow.

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    Photo of my dad and I eating chips after his long shift in the coal mines of Nicholas County, WV…Circa #1988

    Photo of my dad and I eating chips after his long shift in the coal mines of Nicholas County, WV…Circa #1988

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    The heartache remains →

    At approximately 3 p.m. two years ago today the lives of 29 coal miners were snuffed out in a massive explosion that roared underground along the Raleigh-Boone county line.

    Until that day, other than the miners, their families, and some others in the coal industry, most of us had never even heard of the Upper Big Branch mine at Montcoal.

    That all changed when something ignited an abundance of methane gas, that in turn mixed with coal dust and created the lethal blast. As we would come to learn just a few days later, the end result would be the worst coal mining disaster in our country since the 1970s.

    Time seemed to stand still for nearly a week in southern West Virginia as hundreds worked furiously to try to determine if any of those miners still unaccounted for could have survived. By Saturday the hope turned to heartache.

    The past 24 months have certainly allowed the wounds to somewhat mend, but the hurt and the memories, the bitterness, will always remain in some fashion for all those left behind.

    Family members, friends, other miners from UBB, the community in general — all are still coping in various ways, some faring better than others.

    And while the healing is continuing, many still want answers and accountability.

    That process, too, has started but is nowhere near completion.

    So today we pay tribute to those 29 brave souls. We remember their sacrifice, and we urge those in charge to make sure every single person who was responsible for this horrific event, in any way, faces punishment.

    It’s the least we must do and its the precursor to setting the tone so that something so tragic as this never happens again.

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    Please take a moment today to remember the 29 men who died in the Upper Big Branch mine two years ago today…may peace be with their families.

    Please take a moment today to remember the 29 men who died in the Upper Big Branch mine two years ago today…may peace be with their families.

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    Interesting slice of a McDowell County community from 1981. A feature Story about Northfork High School. Northfork HS has since been closed and consolidated into Mount View High School. At this time, they had 700 residents now there are 429 (2010 Census)

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    I just made a very simple data visualization using "Many Eyes." I used the data they provided and their layout…it could’t have been easier but it’s not interactive.

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    Flooding in Logan, W.Va.

    Front page of the Charleston Daily Mail today after flash flooding in Southern West Virginia. 

    I spent the largest portion of my childhood growing up in Logan and attended grade school and middle school in the county. It still has a very special place in my heart and hate to see this extreme flooding and devastation.

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    St. Marys West Virginia native, Logan Venderlic’s music video for "Jerkwater Town" just premiered on American Songwriter.

    Here’s what Venderlic had to say about the video on American Songwriter:

    “This song is about growing up in a small town, and we shot the video in my tiny little hometown of St. Marys, West Virginia,” Venderlic tells American Songwriter. “I got to work with my super talented friend (and fellow West Virginian), Pasquale Greco and his film school buddy, Michael Phillips. Pasquale has done visual effects work on feature films like Adventureland and Men in Black III. ‘Jerkwater Town’ doesn’t have any explosions or anything, but it’s naturally beautiful. We shot it on a freezing cold day and I could barely feel my fingers on my fretboard, but it was a blast! There’s little-to-no traffic to worry about in St. Marys, so we pretty much just traipsed around wherever we wanted.”

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    Blog You Should Follow:Appalachian Chronicles →

    Climb aboard and journey through the Appalachians with a thoughtful, irreverent, smart, opinionated and humorous student of life.  See the world through her eyes with wonder and delight. Whether talking about her upbringing, her family, or the many places and people she has seen along way, you can’t help but want to move with her from one story to another.

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